About us

Its a Dynamic World, We can make you part of it!

Its a Dynamic World, We Can Make You Part of It!

Our tag line and mission statement came before our founder choose the right name for this company.

“The world is ever changing along with Information, Business process, workflow and our daily lives. This company should provide solutions to make work easy, fun and flexible.  Like the world, business is dynamic.t Businesses should be able to access the information that changed a minute ago right NOW!  We need to allow working parents and traveling professional to access work load and information from anywhere.” – founder Johnny

Dynamic Image Group was born on April 8th, 2008.  Today Dynamic Image Group has become known for its ability to help small and medium sized businesses to function, operate and succeeded like a fortune 500 company.

About Dynamic Image Group

Based in Bergen County, New Jersey, Dynamic Image Group, LLC is an business solutions provider that uses cloud based web technology to improve the overall workflow and online presence of businesses. Our teams work with our clients to get a full understanding of the business model to help provide the best solution.
The primary services we offer are:
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions
• Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Solutions
• Advance Website Solutions (Web Applications)
• Standard & Advanced E-Commerce Solutions
• Search Engine Marketing


Our top priority is equipping customers with the tools and resources necessary to take their businesses to the next level. While we fully understand that it can be daunting to create a successful online presence, our 15+ years of web-related expertise will answer all of your questions and concerns.
Our team’s commitment to honesty, transparency, and efficiency distinguishes us from the rest of the pack. We address all of our clients’ needs in a timely manner through phone calls, e-mails, and on-site guidance.


At Dynamic Image Group, we offer the best value for your money – no hidden costs. In addition to highly competitive pricing, we also provide our customers with the knowledge, stability, and performance of a quality online solutions provider.
Call us at 201-444-2385 to schedule an appointment and experience the difference today.